Видео: QuickUnboxing - ASROCK P55 PRO

asrock p55 pro problem?

When I turn off the PC the mouse led turns off. If I unplug the usb and plug it in another the led turns on and the other usbs ( where ...

ASRock P55 Series Motherboard Introduction Part II

ASRock P55 Series Motherboard Introduction Part II.

PCGARAGE - Unboxing ASRock P55 PRO USB3

Unboxing al placii de baza ASRock P55 PRO USB3 - username: alexlaser.

P55 Deluxe review by TweakTown

P55 Deluxe review by TweakTown.

XEON X3440 4GHz / DRAM 2133MHz! Benchmark CPU & MEMORY #PART2

Daymnnn look at memory so nice!! from 1333MHz to 2133MHz! no bad for ASROCK P55 PRO Thumbsup for cheapo mobo!

Snow Leopard Running on ASRock P55 Pro +i5 GTS250

I got Snow Leopard Running Vanilla on my ASRock P55 Pro i5 750 lynnfield GTS250 System using tonymacx86 iBoot + ...

Обновить биос Асрок 67 pro

Скачайте архив для Windows. В нём файлы вида: 890FXD1.90.EXE (или AFUWIN.EXE), UCORESYS.SYS, UCOREW64.SYS ...

AsRock P55 PRO, unboxing

New soket p55 motherboard.

Instant Boot - ASROCK P55 Pro

Instant boot, a cool option. W7 x64 PRO -Intel Core i7-860 /2.8GHz, 8MB, LGA1156, BOX/ -AsRock P55 PRO /intel P55, DDR3 ...

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