Видео: Arma 3 - 2019 Retrospective AAF

Arma 3 - AAF 2018 Retrospective

2018 has been another fantastic year of Arma 3 with the AAF; explosions, piss taking, anthropomorphic artillery... it had it all.

Arma 3 - HardBlyass [AAF]

This is definitely going on Alias's 2019 Retrospective. https://australianarmedforces.org/

Arma 3 - AAF 2017 Retrospective

It's been another fantastic year with the AAF, making stuff explode, having a laugh and shooting people in and around the face.


Situation: For some odd reason, an African country has attacked the island of Altis. The AAF, realizing that the attack is actually a ...

Arma 3 - Truth Will Out [AAF]

Following a failed FIA terrorist attack, AAF forces stage a lightning strike to eliminate their remaining bases.

Arma 3 - ...Oh [AAF]

Royal Marines perform a lightning strike against Russian forces occupying the small island of Everon.

Arma 3 - Chain Reaction [AAF]

Australian and New Zealand forces conduct a sweep of southern Tanoa to locate and destroy rebel weapons caches ...

Arma 3 - Against The Clock [AAF]

NATO forces conduct an air cavalry raid on Anizay to capture a series of nuclear equipped SCUD launchers before the missiles ...

Arma 3 - Whip It Good [AAF]

Following a coup in Takistan, US forces stage an invasion to restore the civilian government. The first stage is an assault on their ...

This is why the AAF is always dependent on NATO in Arma 3...

Chopper flying is hard... Remember to like, rate, and subscribe for more!!! Patreon: ...

Arma 3 - Stereophonic Slaughter [AAF]

FIA rebels have ambushed and captured a trio of Leopard tanks and AAF troops conduct an assault to destroy or recover them.

ARMA 3 Adapt Campaign: AAF checkpoint tutorial

Short ranged .50cal lunacy with Xtatic! Class is in session: hope you're all making notes as we take on another checkpoint in the ...

Arma 3 - Fire In The Hole [AAF]

NATO forces, caught flat footed by a CSAT offensive, push into enemy territory to destroy a listening post and key artillery positions ...

Arma 3 Zeus - 200 [AAF]

CSAT's invasion of the Republic of Malden and Everon has failed and the last remaining survivors fight a desperate battle to ...


Welcome and enjoy some memorable moments from our last OP called "ROMAN REFLUX"! You like it? Well, join up then! Lend a ...

Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear P90 SMG

The P90 is a compact bullpup PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) manufactured by FN Herstal that chambers the 5.7x28mm round.

Arma 3 Antistasi - Op Camo Fedora

The team gets back together to take on another AAF outpost. This time things seem easy.. -- Watch live at ...

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